• Webinar - The digital doctor: Using social media to improve your practice and patient outcomes

    Social media is a way to educate, collaborate, and market health information. There is a need to understand its risks, benefits, and how it can be best leveraged to benefit both the clinician and patients.

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  • Webinar - Sign here: how to overcome obstacles in gaining consent.

    Obtaining consent is a complex subject and situations may arise which make obtaining it more difficult. The law recognises that a medical practitioner has a duty to provide sufficient information for the patient to make an informed decision and to warn a patient of any material risk inherent in any procedure. However, cultural and language issues, patient expectations, emotional or religious concerns and pregnancy are some of the aspects that can complicate the process. A patient’s health and condition can also limit their ability to comprehend the big picture and consider alternatives.

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  • Webinar - Hanging up your stethoscope: thinking about, preparing and planning for retirement

    Planning for your retirement involves consideration of many aspects of your practice and is as important as planning for your career. Understanding what is required from a professional and medico-legal perspective can help in making the transition from ‘practice to private life’ a smooth one.

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  • Webinar - Performance management: tips and traps

    Establishing effective performance management systems can have significant benefits for hospitals and practices, more satisfied, more motivated, and better performing staff. However the boundary between appropriate performance management and bullying can be easily crossed by managers and supervisors who do not have a clear idea of their responsibilities or where there is a mismatch between communication styles.

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  • Webinar - Beyond hand washing: patient safety initiatives in healthcare

    The notion of patient safety has become one of the most challenging issues facing the Australian health care system. Through organisations such as the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and the Clinical Excellence Commission, key players in our health care system have demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality and safety of care for all Australians. This webinar explores the current trend in patient safety initiatives.

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  • Webinar - At the front line: risk management for practice managers

    In this webinar, Avant experts and practice manager Desley Fricke discuss how practice managers can play a key role in creating a positive quality improvement culture. When this is achieved, risk management becomes a priority for everyone in the practice.

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  • Webinar: Predicting medico-legal risk: latest research and its application to practice

    In this webinar Dr Marie M Bismark and Dr Owen Bradfield discuss patterns and the feasibility to predict which doctors are at a high risk of incurring more complaints in the near future.

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  • Webinar: Professional morality: difficult ethical issues in medicine

    In this webinar we explore the difficult legal and ethical issues that can arise, particularly at the end of life, and discuss practical ways you can assist patients in advance care planning

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  • Webinar: Career insights: Surgeon and Obstetrician

    In this webinar, designed specifically for Avant medical student members, learn more about how to become a general surgeon and obstetrician and what these specialties involve. Hear from doctors in various stages of their career that will give you the insights, tips and advice such as what training pathways are available, CV and interview tips, what a day is like for these professionals and more.

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  • Webinar: Getting started in private practice: essentials to help you succeed

    In this webinar Avant subject matter experts will explore practical strategies for clinicians who are starting out in private practice from employment issues to insuring the practice as well as looking at some of the tools, systems, and procedures to assist you with the smooth running of the practice.

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