• Webinar: Reducing your risk - practical strategies from the science of reliability

    Recorded on 26 March 2014. Avant's Dr. Patrick Clancy interviews Dr O’Brien - Medical Director, Cognitive Institute. They discuss extraordinary innovations and advances in technology. Modern healthcare has utilised the scientific method to produce life transforming interventions for patients. There is now an expectation that this same scientific rigour will be applied to ensure that all care is implemented as safely and reliably as possible. The serious burden of avoidable adverse outcomes and the associated patient dissatisfaction arising from failures of reliable delivery means that understanding and utilising the science of reliability is now a significant risk management strategy for all doctors.

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  • Dr Charlotte Middleton on the benefits of Avant Risk IQ webinars

    Avant webinars use up-to date, evidence-based data drawn from our vast claims experience and member insights.

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  • Webinar: Changes to privacy laws $1.7 million reasons to be up-to-date

    Recorded on 12 February 2014. Avant medico-legal experts and Geoff Bloom, LLB, Partner at Ebsworths, look at changes to privacy laws that will commence on 12 March 2014 and outlines what changes you will need to make to comply.

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  • Webinar: Demands, expectations and complaints: Managing difficult patients

    Recorded on 22 October 2013. Dr Browne, Dr Buckland, Pamela Michael and Georgie Haysom discuss the impct of patient complaints on the practitioner. This webinar explores what drives patients to lodge a complaint and provides practical advice on how to manage difficult doctor-patient relationships

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  • Webinar: Queensland Health – SMO and VMO contracts

    Recorded on 12 December 2013. Queensland Health is in the process of transitioning Senior medical officers from awards and certified agreements to individual contracts; and visiting medical officers from the VMO agreement to individual contracts. Many members are concerned about what this means for them. Please join us as we discuss our members' concerns and questions with senior Queensland Health HR representatives.

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  • Webinar: In focus. Digital photography and doctors’ medical apps in the age of smartphones

    Recorded on 3 December 2013. Doctors are increasingly expected to use their personal mobile device in the clinical environment. This can raise issues around confidentiality of patient information, reliability of decision-making and data security. During this webinar you will learn about the issues relating to the use of smartphone technologies in the provision of healthcare, and strategies for reducing your risk.

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  • Webinar: Ethics, obligations, knowledge and skill: Professionalism in medicine

    Recorded on 19 November 2013. Because medicine is a profession and healthcare practitioners are professionals, it is important to have a clear understanding of what ‘professionalism’ means. This webinar will focus on ethics, competency, duties, and responsibilities involved in the medical profession.

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  • Webinar: Medico-legal issues and children - From little things, big things grow

    Recorded on 17 September 2013. Dr Emma McCahon, Dr Walid Jammal and Avant advisors discuss laws related to treating children and adolescents. Addressed in this webinar including competency and consent to treat, treatment in cases where a parent refuses consent, mandatory reporting, and access of parents to their child’s medical records.

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  • Webinar: The Dr House Syndrome: The impact of disruptive doctors

    Recorded on 28 August 2013. Dr Gerald Hickson from Vanderbilt addresses issues regarding disruptive doctors in hospitals. A disruptive doctor is one whose behaviour upsets other healthcare practitioners and patients (similar to as the role played by Hugh Laurie as the brilliant but obnoxious Dr House). This webinar will explore the reasons why some practitioners exhibit this behaviour and its impact on the health care team. It will also explore how Avant can assist doctors who find themselves the subject of complaints or claims relating to this issue.

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  • Webinar: PCEHR 1 year on. What have we learnt?

    Recorded on 20 August 2013. Patrick Clancy, Kate Gillman, Marianna Kelly and former NEHTA deputy head Dr Nathan Pinksier discuss the PCEHR, one year after it was introduced. The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record system was launched on 1st July 2012. With over 115,000 Australians now registered for the PCEHR, this webinar will look at the national electronic health record system and lessons learnt in the year following its release.

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