Corporate social responsibility

  • Avant and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance

    Avant's $1 million donation over four years to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance has already sponsored groundbreaking research. For example, an Avant Innovative Research Grant helped confirm a link between magnesium sulphate levels and the prevention of cerebral palsy in preterm babies.* 

    Find out more about Avant and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance's work with premature babies.

    Avant and Interplast

    Avant has been a proud supporter of Interplast since 2009. Annually, Avant offers one student the chance to travel to an Asia Pacific destination and accompany the Interplast volunteer surgical team. A student is given the opportunity to observe the Interplast team of volunteer plastic surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses and provide free reconstructive surgery to patients who would otherwise not be able to afford it. This is the third year running that Interplast has allowed a student to be involved in this unique field trip experience.

    Find out more about Avant and Interplast.

    Avant and Ear Science Institute of Australia

    Avant has committed to supporting the Ear Science Institute of Australia for 5 years via a $1 million sponsorship. The Avant CENTER is an advanced specialist training facility committed to excellence in the skills and development of health professionals.  A leading facility, the Avant CENTER runs a range of practical and critical courses conducted by leading specialists.

    Find out more about the Avant CENTER

    *Magnesium sulphate for women at risk of preterm birth for neuroprotection of the foetus; Doyle LW, Crowther CA, Middleton P, Marret S, Rouse D; Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2009 Jan 21;(1):CD004661. Review.