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    Avant's biannual member magazine, Connect, explores topics relevant to medical pracititoners using insights from our claims managers, medical advisors and in-house legal firm, Avant Law.

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    Connect issue 7

    Many of the doctors we defend are surprised by the situations where they require our services. You don’t have to be a bad doctor to be the subject of a complaint. In this issue we examine some key common situations members face and require our support. Cases demonstrate the risks to doctors from the changing environment and patient attitudes. Avant Law solicitors and our medical advisors offer insights and advice to help manage these challenges.

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    Issue focus   Issue no.   Publication and resources

    Striving for a better healthcare system

      Issue no.6   Read: Connect issue 6 online  

    Communicating for better outcomes

      Issue no.5  

    Read: Connect issue 5 online

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    Protecting members every day

      Issue no.4  

    Read: Connect issue 4 online

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    Your legal defence

      Issue no.3  

    Read: Connect issue 3 online

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    Risk management

      Issue no.2  

    Read: Connect issue 2 online

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      Issue no.1  

    Read: Connect issue 1 online

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