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    an online event

    COVID-19: Supporting Victorian practice managers

  • An information session to help you navigate the evolving situation in Victoria

    Keeping up to date with ongoing developments during the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult and stressful. Though, as a practice manager, you need to know how these changes impact you, your practice and your patients..

    Many Victorian practice managers are calling our advice line or accessing answers to some of the challenges they are facing during these times.

    As part of Avant’s commitment to supporting the medical community, we recently hosted two ‘Ask the Expert’ Q&A’ webinars on the latest medico-legal advice and questions were answered by our expert panel.

    The main takeaways from these sessions are:

    • • Always put the safety of patients, staff and yourself first.
    • • Identify the issues from the patient’s perspective, listen and ask questions.
    • • Consider what policies and procedures you should have in place to support staff.
    • • The way you manage complaints will have a big impact on the outcome.

    We hope you find these information sessions reassuring and helpful as you navigate this ever-changing situation.

    A replay of the part 1 webinar is now available.


    A replay of the part 2 webinar is now available.


    About the experts

  • Ms Sonya Black
    Special Counsel, Employment – Medico-legal Advisory Service, Avant

    As Avant's Special Counsel, Employment, Sonya Black advises doctors and medical practices across Australia about a broad range of employment issues. She has over 20 years’ experience as an employment lawyer, including over ten years advising about employment issues in public hospitals and private medical practice.

  • Ms Angela Mason-Lynch
    Risk Adviser, Avant

    Angela has extensive experience managing practices of various disciplines and size. She is a past State and National AAPM President, Fellow, Life Member & Certified Practice Manager. Angela also has been a board and expert committee member for multiple healthcare bodies.

  • Dr Jack Marjot
    Advanced Trainee in Emergency Medicine and Medical Adviser – Advocacy, Education and Research, Avant

    Dr Marjot is an Advanced Trainee in Emergency Medicine in Sydney and works as a Medical Adviser at Avant. He has been focusing on COVID-19 and its effects on doctors on an individual and healthcare level.

  • Ms Georgie Haysom
    Head of Advocacy, Education and Research, Avant

    Georgie is the Head of Research, Education and Advocacy at the medical indemnity insurer Avant. She is a lawyer and has worked in health law for over 25 years, assisting and advising doctors on a wide range of medico-legal issues.