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    an online event

    Emerging risks and advice for practices

  • An online information session to help you adapt to telehealth services

    Adapting to new ways to provide healthcare is challenging enough, but with the ongoing changes to telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are even more implications to consider.

    Avant’s recent live online panel event gathered together our top risk advisers to give practices an update on telehealth developments in the COVID-19 environment. It covered how these changes affect you and your practice, and included a segment answering practice managers’ questions.

    View the recording of the webinar here.


    In the one-hour information session, our experts discuss:

    • establishing telehealth – compliance (AHPRA, Medicare and RACGP position), the practical issues, privacy and security, policies and procedures
    • the consultation – consent, conducting examinations, prescribing and ordering, and documentation requirements
    • billing and follow-up – when to bulk bill versus private billing, your responsibilities with follow-up, referrals and escalation of care.

    About the experts

    Marianna Kelly
    Senior Risk Adviser, Avant

    Marianna has worked in the medical industry for over 35 years. Her experience includes general and midwifery nursing, managing large medical practices, consulting to general and specialist medical practices, developing dispute resolution systems, mediation services and lecturing in practice management.

    Marianna has a Masters in Risk Management and advises on best practice risk management which is aligned with the practical experience of developing strategies. Marianna works closely with Avant claims managers, solicitors and medical advisers to ensure the interests of the practitioners are protected at all times. Marianna is known as an advocate for doctors, practice managers, nurses and support staff.

    Angela Mason-Lynch
    Risk Adviser, Avant

    Angela has extensive experience managing practices of various disciplines and sizes. She is a past State and National AAPM President, Fellow, Life Member & Certified Practice Manager. Angela has experience as a board and expert committee member for multiple bodies in healthcare.

    Angela is also an Accreditation Surveyor and a trainer and assessor for UNEP. She is a registered nurse with a Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Management as well as a Diploma in Practice Management and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Rocky Ruperto
    Legal and Policy Officer, Avant

    In his role, Rocky advocates for changes to health-related legislation, regulation and policy with the aim of making a positive difference to the practice of medicine and the Australian healthcare system. He also provides support to doctors by developing a range of medico-legal educational content and sharing information that encourages doctors to reduce their medico-legal risk and improve patient safety and quality.

    Supporting Avant members has been the ‘perfect match’ of Rocky’s two passions – health and the law. He has first-hand experience managing Avant members’ civil claims and disciplinary matters, including Medicare audits and employment disputes. He is committed to ‘keeping it simple’ for doctors, so they can concentrate on what they do best – keeping people healthy and driving medical innovation.

    We hope this webinar helps you adapt to providing telehealth services, while maintaining patient safety, privacy and standard of care.