• Ask the Expert: 
    an online event

    Managing difficult patients:
    Insights and advice for practice managers

  • An online information session to help you improve patient relationships and reduce complaint risk

    Managing a medical practice sometimes involves dealing with difficult patient behaviours, which can impact your doctors, staff and other patients – and if not addressed properly, can lead to a formal patient complaint.

    How do you implement appropriate strategies to manage these situations so you can achieve the best outcome for both the patient and you?

    Avant’s ‘Ask the Expert’ event, Managing difficult patients: insights and advice for practice managers gathered our advisers to provide strategies and solutions to help you run a safer practice.

    In the one-hour session, Avant’s expert panel discusses case scenarios, offers practical advice and answers member questions, covering:

    • •  key principles when managing a difficult patient situation
    • •  specific interventions for types of challenging patient interactions
    • •  addressing patient concerns and expectations to minimise complaint risk
    • •  reviewing and improving your patient complaint process.

    Whether you joined us live or missed the session, you can watch the replay here:

  • About the experts

    Dr Mark Woodrow
    Senior Medical Adviser, Avant

    As a Senior Medical Adviser / Claims Manager for Avant in the Brisbane office, Mark supports members through the claims process. In addition to his work with Avant, Mark is a full-time emergency physician at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. He has been working in emergency medicine for 26 years. He is a faculty member of the Cognitive Institute and a committee member with the Medico-Legal Society of Queensland.

    Marianna Kelly
    Risk Adviser, Avant

    Marianna has worked in the medical industry for over 35 years. Her experience includes general and midwifery nursing, managing large medical practices, consulting to universities and medical practices, developing dispute systems, mediation services and lecturing in practice management. Marianna has a Masters in Risk Management, so she is able to support the theory of risk management with the practical experience of developing strategies to manage the medico-legal road blocks.

    Rocky Ruperto
    Legal and Policy Officer, Avant

    Rocky is a lawyer and the Legal and Policy Officer for Avant. He also supports our members on the Medico-legal Advisory Service. He advocates for changes to health-related legislation, regulation and policy, with the aim of making a positive difference to the practice of medicine and the Australian healthcare system. He also provides support to doctors and practices to reduce their medico-legal risk and improve patient safety and quality.

    We hope this information session helps you develop strategies to encourage better patient relationships, and to effectively manage complaints and difficult situations.