• Ask the Expert: 
    an online event

    Advice on treating staff, family and friends for GPs

  • An online information session to help you navigate being asked to treat family, friends or staff

    At times in your medical career, you will probably encounter requests from family, friends or staff to provide healthcare or advice to them.

    This puts you in a difficult situation: how do you maintain your professional boundaries, ethical responsibilities – and your personal relationship? And how do you minimise potential risks if you do decide to treat someone you know personally?

    To support you in facing these challenges, Avant’s recent online ‘Ask the Expert’ event, ‘Professionalism: Advice on treating staff, family and friends for GPs’ gathered our top advisers to provide strategies and solutions for navigating these challenges.

    In the one-hour session, Avant’s expert panel discusses case scenarios, offers practical advice and answers member questions, covering topics that include:

    • • exploring the guidelines and advice around prescribing for family and friends
    • • highlighting the potential challenges when treating staff who work in the practice
    • • discussing strategies to maintain professional boundaries.
  • About the experts

    Dr Mark Woodrow
    Senior Medical Adviser, Avant

    As a Senior Medical Adviser / Claims Manager for Avant in the Brisbane office, Mark supports members through the claims process. In addition to his work with Avant, Mark is a full-time emergency physician at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. He has been working in emergency medicine for 26 years. He is a faculty member of the Cognitive Institute and a committee member with the Medico-Legal Society of Queensland.

    Georgie Haysom
    Head of Research, Education and Advocacy, Avant

    Georgie is a lawyer and has worked in health law for over 25 years, assisting and advising doctors on a wide range of medico-legal issues. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology) and Bachelor of Laws (Hons 1) from the University of Sydney, and a Master of Laws specialising in bioethics from McGill University. She is a member of the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Privacy and Security Advisory Committee.