• Ask the Expert: 
    an online event

    Workplace and employment matters during COVID-19

  • An information session to help you manage COVID-19 workplace and employment challenges

    The way you run your medical practice has most likely changed in this COVID-19 era. As well as introducing stricter protocols you may need to reduce staff hours, due to fewer in-person consultations.

    How do you navigate these issues, while looking after your more vulnerable staff and others attending the practice?

    Avant’s recent online ‘Ask the Expert’ event gathered together our top advisers to clarify common issues for practice owners and managers, so you can confidently face the challenges at this time.

    In this one-hour information session, our expert panel presents solutions to, and answer questions on, managing:

    • vulnerable workers
    • practice staff returning to work at the practice
    • the health and safety of workers and others in the practice 
    • reducing an employee’s hours of work if the practice is quiet.

    Whether you joined us live or missed the session, you can watch the replay here:


    About the experts

    Ms Sonya Black
    Special Counsel, Employment – Medico-legal Advisory Service, Avant

    Special Counsel, Employment – Medico-legal Advisory Service, Avant

    In her role, Sonya advises medical practitioners and medical practices across Australia about a broad range of employment issues. She has over 20 years’ experience as an employment lawyer, including over 10 years advising about employment issues in public hospitals and private medical practice.

    Marianna Kelly
    Risk Adviser, Avant 

    Marianna has worked within the medical industry for over 35 years. Her experience includes general and midwifery nursing, managing large medical practices, consulting to medical practices including general practice, varying medical specialties, universities, developing dispute systems, mediation services and lecturing in practice management.

    Marianna has a Masters in Risk Management so she is able to support the theory of risk management with the practical experience of developing strategies to manage the medico-legal road blocks.

    We hope this information session helps you manage your staff employment issues, as well as the health and safety of everyone in your practice.