• What our people say

    Discover what working at Avant is like, directly from our people

  • We pride ourselves on being a group of passionate, knowledgeable, skilled individuals who come to work every day to make a difference. Around the clock, we support, defend and protect our members – over 75,000 healthcare practitioners and students.

    We are a committed team of over 400 professionals around Australia, working together to make a real impact to the medical profession. Our people are driven by change, enjoy a fast moving environment where we lean on each other – and, at the end of the day – we go home feeling a sense of achievement in having done our very best for our members.

    If you are motivated by accomplishment and making a difference, take a moment to hear from our people as they share what it is like to work at Avant.


    Our employees talk about why Avant is a great place to work

    “Because of our diversification strategy, we have a lot of opportunities for people to grow their own careers.” – Natasha Fenech, Group CEO and Managing Director

    “Working with different teams provides opportunities to work on a fair number of different projects.” – Manish Paida, Actuarial Graduate


    Our employees talk about Avant's values

    “Avant’s purpose is really to provide confidence to doctors to keep serving the community.” – Natasha Fenech, Group CEO and Managing Director

    “Everyone really understanding why they’re here and having the same common purpose, really makes it a collegiate environment.” – Pat Esplin, CEO Avant Law


    Our employees talk about the flexibility Avant offers

    “We know sometimes to create very innovative ideas you need quiet time and so we allow people to work from home.” – Natasha Fenech, Group CEO and Managing Director

    “I can pick which days I come in and I have time if I need to attend any school events.” - Helen Chang, Finance Business Partner


    Our health professionals talk about working at Avant

    “Combining the clinical work and the work at Avant is essential for me, it’s changed the way I practice.” – Dr Susan Hertzberg, Medical-Legal Advisor

    “It’s definitely a thing to think about; you still use your skills, but in a very different context. It’s nice to give back to the medical community.” – Dr Peter Walker, Risk Adviser


    Listen to our dynamic sales team share their Avant experiences

    “We don’t just sell medical indemnity insurance, there’s such a range of products – I sell Avant as a whole. Every day is different here.” – Kimberley Darby, State Manager, Growth – NSW & ACT

    "For anyone looking for a sales based role – and to get out of their comfort zone – I highly recommend Avant.” – Cory Dias, National Business Development Manager – Doctors’ Health Fund


    What being part of Avant Law is like – directly from our solicitors

    “Avant Law is a great place for solicitors to work – the team is second to none. I like working here, the collegial atmosphere is really invaluable.” – Don Grant, Solicitor

    “We see doctors at their most stressed. Being able to assist them through a difficult process, it gives you great personal satisfaction.” – Lydia Kamaras, Solicitor


    Our corporate services teams on why they work for Avant

    “What keeps me here is the people, Avant has a really great working culture – the people are knowledgeable and really friendly.” – Rex Roqueza, Senior Management Accountant

    “The opportunities to work on varying projects is one of the enjoyable factors here, with opportunities in areas we might not have experience in.” – Manu Tejomurtula, Business Analyst


    Insights from our team on the difference Avant Member Services make

    “We give doctors peace of mind and they don’t need to worry. The relationship is quite unique.” – Shannen Burgos, Service Specialist

    “We do monthly appreciation meetings, where everyone gets recognised for the good work they do.” – Katie Bellemore, Team Leader