Medicare compliance and the Professional Services Review


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Aug 27, 2019 to Aug 27, 2019
Time: AM

Medicare compliance is high on the Department of Health’s agenda as demands on the healthcare system continue to rise. Doctors are increasingly being contacted by Medicare to audit their practices and repay incorrect billings, with record numbers referred to the Professional Services Review.

An Avant hosted information session to help members better understand their responsibilities and the compliance program. 

The session speakers:

Professor Julie Quinlivan – Director, Professional Services Review Agency
Dr Harry Rothenfluh – Assistant Secretary, Compliance Systems Breach
Associate Professor Beverley Rowbotham – Chair, Avant Mutual
Dr Penny Browne – Chief Medical Officer, Avant Mutual
Michael Wade – Solicitor, Avant Mutual

You must be registered to attend this event. Should you wish to attend, please contact Michael Carr, State Manager QLD - or 0481 596 388

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