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Manage your practice's risk

As a Practice Manager you play a pivotal role in the running of your practice. With a wide range of responsibilities including scheduling appointments, billing and medical record management, it’s important to ensure your practice, its staff and your practitioners are protected, so that you can focus on the day to day management of your practice.

Your practice and practice staff could be faced with a range of risks and exposures, it’s important to assess these and consider if your practice has the right level of insurance to protect it from these potential risks.

There are a number of insurance options available to financially protect the parties operating within the practice as individuals, and the practice as a separate entity. The appropriateness of these should be considered in line with your individual circumstances and the entity’s needs.

Ultimately, the right level of insurance gives both you and your practice peace of mind, and enables you to manage your practice risk with confidence.

Avant Mutual Group, Australia’s Leading Medical Defence Organisation (MDO), provides its members with access to a range of insurance solutions and exclusive member benefits.

Avant Risk IQ, a market-leading risk education program offers a series of resources that can also help you to better identify and manage your risk.

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Cover for your Practice

Professional or medical indemnity insurance is designed to cover the civil liability of a healthcare professional. Individual professional or medical indemnity policies generally cover the individual only with limited cover for the actual entity.

Practices have separate risks and exposures that may not be covered by the individual's insurance , it is important you consider that you have appropriate insurance coverage based on your practice's specific needs. You should seek professional advice around the practice and individual requirements.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Practice managers should ensure they have professional indemnity insurance in place to protect the business owners and practice entity. They should also ensure all medical practitioners have their own medical indemnity insurance as they are exposed to different risks.

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