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A legal duty of care

Practice managers need to be aware that under Work Health and Safety legislation in each state, the practice as the employer holds a legal duty of care to provide a safe working place to its employees. Part of this duty of care concerns the use and management of chemicals held on site.

Chemicals in healthcare can range from mild neutral cleaning detergents through to gluteraldehyde (e.g. Ladel). You need to ensure that all chemicals are stored and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All necessary details for all chemicals can be found on the specific material safety data sheets (MSDS) which come from the chemical supplier and/or manufacturer, and which should be held in a readily accessible location for all staff.

Chemical waste is one category of healthcare waste and this means waste that contains chemical substances e.g. film developer, solvents, disinfectants that are expired or no longer in use.

Improve your practice

  • All chemicals and their use should be reviewed. Are they really necessary? Heavy duty cleaning products may be able to be replaced with milder, neutral detergents or cleaning agents.
  • All chemicals kept on site have material safety data sheets.
  • All chemicals held on site are stored and used in accordance with the instructions on the material safety data sheets.
  • Ensure cleaners are aware of the potential hazards associated with any of the chemicals used.
  • Ensure cleaners are aware of the location of the material safety data sheets and procedure to be followed should an accident/adverse event occur.

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