Data breaches: all you need to know

Data breaches: all you need to know


Maintaining the privacy of health information has always been central to the relationship of trust and confidence between doctor and patient. In addition, there can be significant penalties for a breach, as well as the possibility of negative publicity and damage to a person’s reputation.

Even a single breach of patient privacy has the potential to cause serious harm and may be notifiable. You need to think about how you would respond if; for example you discovered patient details had accidentally been disclosed; results had been sent to the wrong person; or a staff member had inappropriately accessed patient records.

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22 / 02 / 2018

Avant has prepared the following factsheets to help you prepare and respond to possible data breaches

More resources to assist you

Podcast: 2SER's THINK: HEALTH Data Insecurity

1 August 2018

The private health sector continues to be the top sector for reporting data breaches, according to the OAIC’s second quarterly report.

Dr Peter Walker provides the GP perspective on keeping patients’ health information safe and avoiding data breaches on 2SER’s THINK: HEALTH podcast

Video: Privacy and notifiable data breach - what it means for you

18 February 2018

Dr Peter Walker presents at Healthed on data breaches.

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