Our recruitment process

  • Tips to support your application

    Recruitment process

    Avant adopts a fair and equitable approach to recruitment that supports our values. As a guide, our recruitment process may consist of one or more of the following.  Other selection methods may be considered from time to time as it is deemed necessary:

    • Phone screening
    • Face-to-face interviews
    • Reference checks
    • Employment screening.

    Writing your resume:

    • Clearly articulate your career direction, where you want to be, what type of organisation you want to be a part of
    • Highlight details of key accomplishments and the impacts that these accomplishments have had
    • Be clear, keep to the point and use bullet points where necessary
    • Articulate the key skills and experience  relevant to the position
    • Place your most recent achievements, qualifications and positions first
    • Be sure to complete a cover letter with your application.

    Preparing for an interview

    Should you be invited to attend an interview, make sure you:

    • Do your research and know what Avant does, particularly in the area you are interested in
    • Know the role, and ensure you read the position description and note questions that you may have about the role and Avant.  Start with a visit to our website
    • Ensure you know the exact time and location of the interview so that you can arrive a few minutes early.  If you are delayed, please contact Avant to let us know
    • Make a good first impression look professional and be well groomed.

    At the interview

    • You will be asked competency based questions
    • Try to be concise, relevant and to the point
    • Take time to think about your answers before responding
    • Ensure you maintain eye contact with all members at the interview
    • Remain calm, relaxed and confident
    • And finally, let us know how you felt about the interview and whether you would like to work for us.

    Join us

    If you are interested in joining Avant, take a look at our current opportunities.