• Who we are

    Australia’s leading medical defence organisation

    Avant is Australia’s leading medical defence organisation with a proud heritage of protecting the Australian medical profession that spans over 125 years. Our vision is to be the most trusted professional partner in supporting doctors throughout their lives and careers.

    Established by a small group of doctors as a mutual in 1893, Avant now represents over 78,000 health practitioners and medical students, across every state and territory. Avant has the largest and most experienced specialist medico-legal defence team in Australia. We understand the importance of providing on-the-ground support and local jurisdiction expertise, so we have solicitors and medical advisors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

    A mutual – by doctors, for doctors

    We remain a mutual organisation, owned by our members and run purely for their benefit, ensuring that we put our members first, always.

    Our vision is to be a trusted protector and advisor for our members, professionally and personally. We strive to realise this vision by supporting members so they can practise good medicine and achieve their goals.

    This is reflected in our strategy, which is focused on:

    • Excellence: We strive to serve members and support them when and where they need us. We base our actions on a deep understanding of doctors and the environment in which they practise. We never take a members’ trust for granted.
    • Growth: We wish to responsibly grow for our members’ benefit providing greater scale economies, diversification, efficiency and ability to influence debate.
    • Stability: Long-term security for our members and the wider community is our priority. We will be prudent but commercially sound, providing competitive products with stable premiums, supported by strong organisational risk management.

    In addition to practitioner medical indemnity, Avant offers a comprehensive range of insurance products tailored specifically for doctors. These span cover for medical practices and their staff, business insurance and cyber protection, health insurance through Doctors’ Health Fund, income, life and total permanent disablement insurances, and travel insurance. To make practice management simpler, safer and more efficient, we also launched online practice management platform, PracticeHub.

    Avant’s history

    We were originally established in 1893 by a group of doctors who wanted to “protect themselves from actions arising out of the practice of medicine”.

    Today, Avant has offices in all states across Australia, including the ACT. We remain a mutual organisation, serving our members, not shareholders, ensuring our members will always be at the heart of everything of we do.

    In 2009 Avant established its own law firm, Avant Law, to provide members with the highest level of defence and protection in medical indemnity. It is now the largest medico-legal firm in Australia and continues to protect members for medical indemnity and employment issues and provide expert advice to help reduce the risk of a complaint or claim.

    In 2022, Avant expanded its legal solutions and team further to meet the personal and business legal needs of our members across a number of key practice areas. Our extended team of lawyers specialise in Commercial & Corporate, Data Protection & Privacy, Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Employment & Workplace and Estate Planning & Probate.

    Avant acquired Doctors’ Health Fund in 2012 – a health insurance provider created exclusively for doctors and the medical community. Developing new products is good for members as it protects our business when medical indemnity is facing more difficult times. It also provides good quality products tailored for our membership as a whole, more easily than they can access individually.