• Avant Mutual:
    Director Elections and AGM

  • Members vote to Re-elect Existing Doctor Directors to the Avant Mutual Board

    Following another strong year for Avant, members have voted to re-elect Dr Douglas Travis and Dr William Glasson to the Avant Mutual Board.

    “This year, 5 high quality candidates offered themselves for election to the Mutual Board and I would like to thank them all for putting themselves forward for election,” said Professor Simon Willcock, Chair of Avant Mutual.

    “I am very pleased that Dr Douglas Travis and Dr William Glasson have been re-elected – they have both made very valuable contributions in their previous terms and I know that they will continue to do so.”

    Avant has had another strong year with more than 6,200 new members taking out medical indemnity protection with us. We now provide indemnity cover to 78,800 healthcare professionals and medical students.

    Our primary focus is of course to defend and support our members who may experience a wide range of stressful adverse events including complaints, litigation, investigations, employment and training disputes, and a range of other negative experiences that distract them from their crucial clinical work.

    Members have accessed more support services than ever before. 2017-18 saw 22,400 phone calls into our Medico-legal Advisory Service, nearly double what it was a few years ago and 4,400 notifications of new, actual or potential claims being made against our members.

    As the needs of our members evolve, so do our services, 2018 saw us introduce yet more services, products and educational resources to support our members.

    The full Avant Mutual Board consists of Voting Member Directors: Professor Simon Willcock, Dr Jan Dudley, Dr William Glasson, Dr Steve Hambleton, Dr Beverley Rowbotham and Dr Douglas Travis, and appointed Non-Member Directors Mr Peter Beck, The Hon John Fahey and Mr Peter Polson.

    Live stream of the AGM
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