Handling professional conduct complaints against doctors

Jun 30, 2015

Avant assists doctors in responding to patient complaints throughout Australia.
There are key features that Avant believes a regulatory complaints system should have to further engender the confidence of medical practitioners and consumers alike.

Avant’s position

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Avant supports:

  • a nationally consistent approach to complaints handling, not only in terms of process but also in terms of outcomes
  • a responsive, risk-based approach to managing complaints against medical practitioners
  • effective, fair and transparent management of complaints including:
    • appropriate triaging of complaints, especially those that are minor or vexatious
    • use of transparent performance indicators relating to timeliness in the management of complaints
    • parity in timeframes so that practitioners are able to have sufficient and equivalent time to respond to regulators’ requests
    • the provision of relevant information throughout the life cycle of a complaint, to allow the practitioner to respond and stay informed
    • access to appropriate clinical input and peer review of complaints to provide professional and clinical guidance to inform regulatory decision-making
    • the ability to enter into alternative dispute resolution, where appropriate.

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