• Getting the right advice & service

  • Whether you’re an intern at the start of your career or operating a complex private practice with a service trust structure, there’s no substitute for quality advice.

    That’s why Avant Mutual Financial Services (AFS) has been specifically established to provide quality support and insurance advice to doctors and their families.

    With the collective experience of more than 70,000 members to draw from, AFS understands a doctor’s insurance needs like no other.

    So whether you need help understanding the insurance options available to you, have a question regarding a particular cover or have a complex circumstance that requires professional analysis and detailed personal advice, AFS can help.

    Their team of life consultants and financial advisers understand the unique insurance needs of doctors and their families and can tailor a solution that gives you peace of mind now, with the knowledge that you are covered as your career progresses.

    Services provided by AFS:

    • Provide end-to-end service

      AFS offer full end-to-end service. This means there will always be a friendly AFS representative to help you with whatever level of advice you need.

    • Help you identify your needs, goals and insurance options

      Sometimes you know exactly what you want from life insurance and just need someone to help get the process underway as quickly and easily as possible. Sometimes things are a little more complicated and the advice of a qualified financial adviser, who understands doctors, is what you need. Regardless of your situation, AFS will provide the level of service applicable to your individual circumstances.

    • Get you and your family covered

      In the event you elect to undertake a full comprehensive assessment of your individual circumstances with one of our financial advisers, in addition to Avant Life Insurance, AFS is able to offer a range of life insurance products provided by some of Australia’s leading insurers including AIA, Asteron, Onepath, TAL and Zurich. In undertaking this comprehensive service, AFS will be able to arrange insurance not only for yourself as doctor, but also your family.

    • Guide you through the application process

      Regardless of the level of advice you need or the products you choose, the AFS team will guide you through the application process ensuring it is as quick and easy as possible.

    • Ensure your cover remains current to your life and career stage

      It is important that your insurance cover can grow and change with you as your personal and professional circumstances change. The AFS team will be with you across the life of your plans to ensure they remain current and that you are getting the cover you need.

    • Facilitate the insurance claims process

      When it comes time to make a claim, you want to be working with a company you know and trust. AFS will work with you or your loved ones, during some of life’s most difficult times, making sure that you get what you are entitled to as soon as possible.

    The Advice Process

    Sometimes you know exactly what you want from life insurance and just need someone to help get the process underway as quickly and easily as possible. In this circumstance the AFS team of life consultants are on call to walk you through this process over the phone.

    Sometimes things are a little more complicated and the advice of a qualified financial adviser, who understands doctors, is what you need. AFS has a team of highly qualified financial advisers who can provide personal advice on cover levels and products based on your individual requirements. All AFS' financial advisers are Financial Planner AFP® or Certified Financial Planner CFP® members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) and follow the six-step financial planning process prescribed by the FPA as follows:

    1. Establish and define the client relationship. They will explain to you the advice process, explain how their services are provided, find out your needs, make sure they are able to assist you and provide information to you about your Financial Adviser.

    2. Identifying your goals. They will discuss with you what are your short and long term financial goals and lifestyle objectives.

    3. Assess your current situation. They need to understand your full financial situation, which includes your income, assets, liabilities, insurance coverage and superannuation. They also need to understand your family position and the requirements of your financial dependants.

    4. Preparing your Statement of Advice. Once they have all the required information, they are in a position to prepare recommendations as to suitable strategies, products and services and answer any questions you may have. All recommendations they make to you are in writing in a document referred to as a Statement of Advice.

    5. Implementing the recommendations. Once you are ready to proceed with the recommendations, they will work with you and where required, other specialist professionals such as accountants, solicitors and insurance underwriters to put things into place.

    6. Review your situation. Circumstances, lifestyles and goals all tend to change over time, that’s why it is important to ensure your situation is regularly reviewed to make sure what is initially put in place remains appropriate and to make any changes where required. They'll agree with you on the timing of regular reviews, following the implementation of initial recommendations.
  • For an obligation free consultation or an insurance quote, contact AFS on 1800 128 268 , or via email.

  • Avant Mutual Financial Services (AFS) is a registered business name of Doctors Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 56 610 510 328 AFSL 487758 (DFS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Avant Mutual Group. AFS is the team responsible for providing you with general and personal financial advice and assisting you to implement your life insurance. The information on this website is general advice only and has been prepared by DFS without taking into account your objectives, financial situation and needs. You should consider these, having regard to the appropriateness of this advice and the policy wording and /or PDS for the relevant product (which are available by contacting us on 1800 128 268 or lifeadvice@avant.org.au) before deciding to purchase or continuing to hold a policy.