The impact of claims and complaints on doctors’ health and wellbeing

Jun 29, 2015

Avant assists members to respond to claims and complaints against them and sees daily the significant personal, physical and psychological impact claims and complaints can have.

Healthy doctors are fundamental to a world-leading healthcare system. If doctors are unhealthy, stressed or in distress, they can put themselves and their patients at risk.

Avant’s position

Download the impact of claims and complaints position paper.

Avant believes that:

  • regulators, investigating authorities and other organisations (including organisations that employ or engage doctors who may be involved in investigating complaints against them) should:
    • formally acknowledge the significant impact that regulatory and disciplinary processes can have on those they are regulating
    • implement improvements to ensure that their processes are fair, transparent and timely, and minimise the risk of harm to those being regulated
  • regulators and other investigating authorities should have due regard for the wellbeing and reputation of doctors in dealings with them
  • doctors should have access to appropriate support and services to maintain their health and wellbeing, particularly when they are involved in medico-legal matters
  • doctors who are ill, or impaired, should be able to consult with a treating practitioner without fear that they will be subject to having conditions placed upon their ability to practise
  • external health programs such as doctors’ health advisory services around Australia should be nationally consistent and properly funded.

Avant calls for greater acknowledgement by regulators of the impact of regulatory processes on doctors’ health and wellbeing.

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