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    As doctors, you understand better than most that life and death are unpredictable. Which is why ensuring your personal life is protected, is just as important as protecting your professional life.

    With an Avant Life Insurance plan, you can have peace of mind knowing you have protected your future, by choosing cover that is tailored to your specific needs. Getting a life insurance quote with Avant is convenient and easy.

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    Income Protection Circle

    Income Protection

    When illness, injury or litigation prevents you from practising in your own specialty, Avant’s Income Protection insurance supports you, paying a monthly benefit up to 75% of your regular income, plus up to a further 10% to contribute towards your superannuation.

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    Life circle

    Life and TPD Cover

    In the event of death, or when an illness or injury permanently prevent you from practising in your own specialty, Avant’s Life and TPD Cover provides a lump sum benefit.

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    Children & Trauma Circle

    Trauma & Children’s Cover

    If you suffer one of the listed major health events, Avant’s Trauma Cover will provide you with the financial resources you need to make lifestyle or career adjustments to help you recover.

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    Business Expense Circle

    Practice Expense Cover

    Avant’s Practice Expense Cover will cover your share of everyday business expenses associated with running your practice, if you are prevented from practising due to illness or injury.

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