• Possible outcomes of an assessment

    AHPRA or the complaints handling entity can take the following action in relation to a notification:

    • Decide no further action is required
    • Issue a caution
    • Accept undertakings
    • Impose conditions on your medical practice
    • Proceed with an investigation
    • Carry out a health or performance assessment
    • Refer you to a panel or tribunal hearing.

    In our experience the majority of notifications/complaints are closed with no further action.

    Sometimes AHPRA or the complaints entity may make recommendations about your medical practice. Our Risk Advisory Service can provide advice on implementing these recommendations.

    For more information on performance or health assessments see Impairment and Board assessments and Performance Assessment.

    What happens if there is an investigation?

    If there are serious concerns arising from the complaint, the matter may be referred for investigation. This involves a peer review process, and may result in disciplinary action. This can be a time-consuming and extremely stressful process.

    If you have been notified of a complaint, or have other medico-legal concerns you would like to discuss, please contact our Medico-legal Advisory Service on 1800 128 268.