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  • Renew or join and access complimentary Avant Travel Cover* in 2019.

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  • Professional and personal protection tailored to young doctors.

    For over 120 years we've been protecting doctors at every stage of their career. As an Avant Intern/RMO1 member, you'll be backed by the largest in-house specialist medico-legal team of any MDO in Australia, and that's important as your hospital may not cover you in every circumstance.

    Renew or join today for only $27.50 (incl GST) and you will be covered until 31 December 2019.

  • Access to complimentary Avant Travel Cover* in 2019

    Whether you are traveling for a conference or simply for leisure, you can relax knowing that you have cover with us.

    Free Avant Life and TPD Cover for $100,000** for the first two years of your internship.

    As a new Avant Intern member, you are eligible to apply for free Avant Life and TPD cover of $100,000** in the first two years of your internship (cover is subject to underwriting and maintaining your Avant membership).

    Free copy of the Emergency Medicine Handbook

    To help your transition to internship you will also receive a free copy of Emergency Medicine Diagnosis and Management - valued at over $50 when you join or renew.

    The seventh edition of this best-selling emergency medicine handbook has been revised and expanded to include the very latest evidence based guidelines. Suitable for interns and junior doctors new to the emergency care setting, right up to specialist emergency medicine trainees.

    Author: Anthony FT Brown and Michael D Cadogan

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  • Your Intern/RMO1 Indemnity Insurance Policy includes:


    Intern/RMO1 Professional Indemnity

    Up to $20 million in civil liability and legal costs associated with a claim made against you in the provision of healthcare.

    unpaid healthcare

    Unpaid healthcare cover

    For those times when you may provide healthcare without being paid, such as a volunteer at a sporting event.

    legal fees

    Legal fees cover

    If you are required to participate in a disciplinary, coronial or criminal inquiry (sub-limit $150,000), or a training dispute.

    communicable disease

    Automatic communicable disease cover

    Provides you with a lump sum payment of $125,000 in certain circumstances, if you contract Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B or HIV during the policy period.

    (Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.)

  • If you have any questions, please call Avant Member Services on 1800 128 268.

    *Avant travel cover for trips commencing 1 January 2019 is available for purchase to Avant Members whose Avant indemnity insurance policy renewal is due in December 2018 under a Group Policy between QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited (ABN 78 003 191 035, AFSL 239545) (QBE) and Avant Mutual Group Limited (ABN 58 123 154 898 ) (Avant). That Policy is underwritten by QBE and Avant may receive a benefit for arranging cover.
    Avant travel cover is available until 30 June 2019 to Avant Members whose Avant indemnity insurance policy renewal is due in June 2019 under a Group Policy between Accident & Health International Underwriting Pty Limited ABN 26 053 335 952 and Avant. The issuers are Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 trading as CGU Insurance (CGU) and AIA Australia Limited ABN 79 004 837 861.
    For full details including the restrictions, terms, conditions and exclusions that apply, please read and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, Avant’s Financial Service Guide and Avant’s Terms and Conditions of Travel Insurance Cover available at avant.org.au or by contacting us on 1800 128 268. An excess may apply, depending on policy and claim type. For Interns and RMOs, travel insurance is subject to registration with Avant prior to each trip.
    ** Avant Life & TPD Cover for $100,000 is available through Avant Life Insurance and is free for the first two years of your internship on payment of the $27.50 membership fee, subject to the application being accepted by the underwriter and maintaining your Avant membership. If you would like cover above $100,000, you will be required to pay that part of any premium not related to this offer. On the expiry of the two years of coverage, you will be offered continued coverage at full price. If you do not agree to take up that continued coverage at full price, your policy will be cancelled. You should consider whether the product is appropriate for you and the PDS for the relevant product, available by contacting us on 1800 128 268, before deciding to purchase or continuing to hold a policy or plan.
    ^Not all members are eligible for a LRP reward. Members not eligible include medical students, interns, RMOs and DITs and members who have their professional indemnity policy purchased on their behalf under a corporate group arrangement. However, membership years as an intern, RMO or DIT will be included in tenure calculations. The provision of an LRP reward will be determined by the Avant Insurance Board’s annual assessment of the quality of Avant’s financial performance.