Position paper: Doctor and medical student wellbeing

Jul 7, 2014

Healthy doctors are fundamental to a world-leading healthcare system. If doctors are healthy, they will respond better to the issues they are facing, will treat patients better, will have less medico-legal risk and consequently fewer claims. The obverse is also true: if doctors are unhealthy, they put their patients and themselves at risk.

Avant believes that to maintain their health and wellbeing, doctors need to have access to appropriate support and services.

Avant’s position

Avant believes in:

  • assisting medical practitioners and students to access relevant health services 
  • advocating strongly for properly funded, nationally consistent Doctors’ Health Advisory Services
  • collaborating with and supporting those who have their own wellbeing programmes
  • taking a proactive approach to wellbeing, to prevent stress from becoming distress and impairment
  • focussing on prevention but having systems in place to help members who need assistance
  • maximising the health and wellbeing of medical practitioners and students
  • promoting the maintenance of good physical, mental and workplace health and wellbeing

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