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Avant discussion paper on genomic testing: Have your say

21 August 2020 | Avant media

Genomic medicine is changing the way practitioners prevent, diagnose, and treat illness. As a result, it is increasingly intersecting with the practice of many doctors. While there is great potential for genomic medicine to have a positive impact on healthcare, there are a range of emerging medico-legal risks.

To assist doctors in improving patient safety and outcomes, over the past year we have been exploring the medico-legal risks linked with genomic testing in clinical practice.

As a key part of this project, we interviewed Australian experts working in this field about the medico-legal issues they are currently navigating in genomic medicine, as well as the emerging issues of concern. We also reviewed the medico-legal literature, legal cases in Australia, and our claims and legal matters.

The result is a discussion paper: Genomic testing and medico-legal risk, which outlines the risks we identified in relation to genomic testing, including issues regarding clinical practice challenges, guidelines, and the need for both education and advocacy.

Member feedback

We are keen to hear what practitioners regard as the key issues in this rapidly evolving field of medicine, to help us develop a vision for the future.

As well as seeking member feedback, in September 2020, we are running a series of virtual roundtable discussions on genomic testing with experts in the field and representatives from Colleges. The roundtables aim to:

  • raise awareness of the medico-legal issues arising from genomic testing
  • explore the kinds of education doctors of different specialties may need
  • identify areas where regulatory reform and policy development is warranted.

If you are currently using genomic medicine in clinical practice, we would be very interested in your feedback on any of the issues raised in the discussion paper above.

Please contact us at: editor@avant.org.au with your feedback.

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