Revalidation: an important issue for the profession

Aug 18, 2016

Four years after “starting a conversation” on revalidation, the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) has released a discussion paper and the interim report of its Expert Advisory Group (EAG).

The EAG has recommended a model comprising two pillars:

  • 1.Strengthened continuing professional development – evidence-based approaches to drive practice improvement and better patient healthcare outcomes.

  • 2. Identifying and assessing at-risk and poorly performing practitioners – developing accurate and reliable ways to identify this group and remediate them early.

The MBA is seeking feedback on the proposals, with submissions due on 30 November 2016. Further details about the consultation process can be found here. It is anticipated that by mid-2017, the EAG will propose a more detailed approach for pilot, or rollout as appropriate.

The Medical Board has established a consultative committee to provide feedback on the proposals.  Avant’s senior medical officer, Dr Penny Browne is a member of the consultative committee.

The advocacy team at Avant welcomes your comments on the proposals and the questions raised in the discussion paper.  Send your thoughts to the advocacy team at

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