Statement on Medical Board - no adverse findings decision

Jul 30, 2018

Avant today welcomed the announcement of the Medical Board of Australia to reverse its position to publish links to decisions by courts and tribunals on the public register of practitioners where there has been no adverse finding against the doctor.

“Avant has advocated strongly that the original decision was poor and would lead to increased stress and reputational issues for practitioners who have had allegations against them dismissed,” said Dr Penny Browne, Chief Medical Officer, Avant.

“I spoke against the original decision at the AMA conference in May and was immediately approached by doctors in the room concerned about the ramifications for practitioners.

“This concern has continued in the wider profession with many thousands of doctors signing online petitions for the reversal of the decision. I commend the contribution of Dr Steel Scott and others who were instrumental in achieving this outcome.

“Health practitioners’ rights, health and well-being should not be forgotten, but central to the development of health regulation,” said Dr Browne.

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