Tracheostomies: patient management and trouble shooting

Mar 15, 2018

Most doctors have little or no training on tracheostomy. In this podcast produced by onthewards, founder Dr James Edwards, talks to Dr Jon Gatward, a dual trained anaesthetist/intensivist who works full-time as an intensive care specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, on the dos and don’ts in treating patients with tracheostomies. They discuss patient management and complications associated with tracheostomies.

Avant and onthewards partnership

Avant has partnered with onthewards, a free open access medical education website dedicated to creating resources for the doctors of today and tomorrow. onthewards was developed to address the gap in formal education specifically designed for, and aimed at, medical students and junior doctors. Educational topics are selected by junior doctors for junior doctors.

What started as podcasts for junior doctors grew into a website available to everyone after increasing interest from doctors across different hospitals expressed their interest. Avant and onthewards have committed to working more closely together to develop risk management content tailored for junior doctors.

Avant sponsors onthewards as part of our strategic partnerships program.

The podcast has been republished with the permission of onthewards. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Avant. Avant is not responsible for the accuracy of any information contained in the podcast.

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