What’s behind the increased GP compensation claims?

15 March 2019 | Avant media

Research shows the average rate of compensation claims for Avant general practitioner (GPs) members rose around 20% over the past three years, compared to the previous three years.

With GPs facing an increasingly complex environment, greater scrutiny and higher expectations, Avant’s research team investigated the nature of the claims to help members better understand and mitigate their medico-legal risks.

The Avant research looked at establishing the primary theme behind compensation claims. It also assessed the proportion of claims that were ‘substantiated’ or ‘unsubstantiated’. Differences in the themes behind substantiated and unsubstantiated claims were further analysed to identify any patterns.

The key findings revealed compensation claims were substantiated in around six in 10 cases (58%). Overall, diagnosis was the most common underlying issue, followed by surgical procedures and medication. The majority of compensation claims in relation to medication (73%) and surgical procedures (65%) were substantiated. However, diagnosis-related claims were evenly split between substantiated and unsubstantiated.

The results support the key elements of good practice such as effective communication, keeping good patient records and adhering to follow-up of diagnostic investigations. They also highlight risk management strategies GPs can take to reduce the likelihood of a claim.

Download the full Avant research report

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