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  • Avant offers a range of print and digital publications containing insights gained from our members’ experiences through Avant Law, our Medico-legal Advisory Service and claims team. Avant medical and legal experts provide key learnings to help you manage risk.

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    Avant's biannual member magazine, Connect, explores topics relevant to medical practitioners using insights from our claims managers, medical advisors and Avant Law solicitors.

    Connect Issue 10

    Connect issue 10

    Our latest issue of Connect explores how the changing practice of medicine is affecting doctors. Increased scrutiny by employers, governments, health insurers and regulators has brought many doctors into the spotlight. Challenges to multi-disciplinary care, clinical handovers and other common causes of complaints are also covered. We bring you cases, insights and tips from Avant Law and our medical defence team on these topics. Also read perspectives from a regulator, physician and solicitor on the Dr Bawa-Garba case and what it means for practitioners in Australia.

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    Issue focus   Issue no.   Publication and resources


      Issue no.9   Read: Connect issue 9 online  

    Maintaining professional standards

      Issue no.8   Read: Connect issue 8 online  

    Our strength in defence

      Issue no.7   Read: Connect issue 7 online  

    Striving for a better healthcare system

      Issue no.6   Read: Connect issue 6 online  

    Communicating for better outcomes

      Issue no.5  

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    Protecting members every day

      Issue no.4  

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    Your legal defence

      Issue no.3  

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    Risk management

      Issue no.2  

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      Issue no.1  

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