• Practice brochure

    You should provide new patients with written information that familiarises them with your practice. This can assist in avoiding misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations and complaints about 'service'.

    Improving your practice

    When developing practice brochures you should include the following:

    • practice hours
    • appointment scheduling and information
    • key practice staff details
    • the days and hours each doctor is available
    • after-hours or emergency care availability
    • home visits, nursing home visits and hospital admitting rights
    • requirement for patients to advise staff when a long consultation is necessary
    • requirement for patients to advise staff when their appointment needs to be cancelled
    • whether the doctor will take telephone calls during consultation hours and/or when they will be returned
    • the process if the doctor is delayed or called to an emergency
    • whether medical information and/or test results are available by phone
    • policy regarding repeat prescriptions
    • practice billing arrangements
    • a communication policy including the use of electronic means (e.g. SMS reminders, online appointments, website, email etc.)
    • information about nursing/treatment room services
    • other allied health services available
    • patient health information access policy
    • feedback and/or complaints process
    • privacy and confidentiality policies in the practice
    • any other relevant information you would like patients to be aware of, to assist them and you to maintain an efficient and effective professional working relationship.