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Referrals, initial consultations and Medicare compliance Medicare is conducting compliance audits of specialists billing; particularly where more than one initial consultation is rendered in respect of a single referral.
Retroactive Cover This guide gives you important information about retroactive cover also known as tail cover. That is your cover for liability arising from the healthcare you provided in the past.
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Taking fatigue seriously in relation to reporting errors Does fatigue actually increase reporting errors or is it simply a case of mind over matter?
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“But it’s just a script”: prescribing requests from family and friends Everyone loves to have a doctor in the family. However as a doctor it is inevitable that a friend or family member will ask you for a prescription.
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Surgical ‘black box’ – what does it mean for surgeons? New technology being dubbed a surgical black box could revolutionise the way surgeons work. Similar to the black box flight recorder the surgical black box can create a real-time recording of surgical...
Avant Travel Cover – advice and warnings Comprehensive list of travel advice and warnings from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Accident and Health International (AHI)
10 tips for thriving in your intern year Your first year out of medical school can be challenging but these nuggets of advice will make the experience much easier to manage.
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Unwanted Facebook ‘friend’ requests - what you need to know What should you do when a patient sends you a Facebook friend request? Dr Jason Laurens a Doctor in Training shares his perspective on doctors use of social media profiles based on his personal experi...
Finding your feet when starting clinical training As medical students making the switch to clinical training can be daunting interacting with patients and having additional responsibilities can be overwhelming. While there s a lot to take in doctor i...
Statement on Autologous Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation This statement summarises Avant s medical indemnity coverage for autologous fat transfer for breast augmentation (AFTBA).
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