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Children and consent Life threatening emergencies aside a practitioner must obtain the consent of the patient before undertaking an examination investigation procedure or treatment. Failure to obtain consent leaves a prac...
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Appeal against surgeon for allegedly failing to warn of risks dismissed The Supreme Court recently highlighted the importance of patient autonomy when making decisions about undergoing elective surgery before dismissing a patient s appeal against an Avant surgeon member.
Consent: the essentials Fundamental to the consent process is the discussion you have with your patient. This is an ongoing process and more than just the signing of a form.
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New treatment in general practice leads to complaint A patient attended a practice complaining of increasing tiredness. Test results revealed that she had iron deficiency anaemia and that there were no sinister causes. The doctor discussed iron suppleme...
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Hip replacement negligence case dropped It is common for patients to experience leg discrepancy after undergoing hip replacement surgery. However orthopaedic surgeons often fail to warn patients about the risk of this adverse outcome which ...
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Surgery for obese patients: protect your patient and yourself from increased risks In 2014-15 63.4% of Australian adults were overweight or obese which has increased significantly from 56.3% in 1995. This means that surgeons and anaesthetists are treating more patients with a Body M...
Consent in question as students face the regulator We supported a number of medical students facing disciplinary proceedings after they examined an unconscious patient in the operating theatre. The examination was not part of the procedure but done un...
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Surgeon’s misguided acts leads to suspension An experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist has been prosecuted for professional misconduct and had their registration suspended after forging consent forms for over 30 patients.
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Case raises surgeon’s duty to warn of surgical risks versus conservative treatment A recently reported Supreme Court case has raised the scope of a doctor s duty to warn of the risks of surgery versus conservative treatment and lack of training and experience in performing the proce...
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Hospital sued for battery for failed hernia repair Hospital sued for battery for failed hernia repair A recently reported case we have highlighted in which a patient sued a local health district for battery following a hernia repair has stirred rigor...
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