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Patient communication
The right way to break bad news As a doctor delivering some degree of bad news will be part of your everyday job. This is particularly challenging when you have only just started life as a doctor.
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Indirect communication between colleagues has serious consequences Indirect communication between colleagues has serious consequences Communication problems contribute to a significant number of complaints against doctors. In a recent case indirect communication bet...
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Use of interpreters For patients not confident or capable of speaking or understanding the same language as the doctor you should consider using qualified interpreting services.
Patient communication
Embracing and getting involved in e-health How do you think technology will shape the future of medicine? To get you thinking here s a thoughtful podcast on eHealth developed recently by onthewards.
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High risks of handover; lessons to be learned The handover ritual is estimated to occur at least seven million times annually in Australian hospitals . Handovers are an important characteristic of being a good doctor and providing safe and effici...
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Communication breakdown – how do you fare? The CRICO Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures Benchmarking Report highlights some familiar problems. It notes communication as a factor in 30% of cases. This can be communication between healt...
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Setting patient boundaries when you’re the patient I knew I had a UTI. I could leave work sick and hopefully obtain an appointment with a general practitioner (GP) but I would have to travel to the practice wait and describe my urinary symptoms to a c...
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The new framework for doctors’ revalidation The Medical Board of Australia has released its professional performance framework in response to the Executive Advisory Group s (EAG) report on revalidation.
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Six steps to protect your practice based on common queries Our Medico-Legal Advisory Service (MLAS) handled over 20000 calls last year. Based on common queries here are six steps to take to protect your practice.
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Holes align in transfer tragedy It is important for doctors to be aware of their local transfer policies have clear communications processes and know their on-call responsibilities.
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