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Access to patient medical records: when is it not okay? A doctor surreptitiously accessed his ex-wife s medical record to understand her medical condition and treatment. A couple of days later his employer sent a letter asking him to explain why and to war...
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Can you provide medical certificates outside of your training position? You are working as an intern in a hospital when your friend asks if you can do him a favour? Can you provide medical certification for some amateur fighters to be assessed as fit to enter a boxing com...
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Appeal against surgeon for allegedly failing to warn of risks dismissed The Supreme Court recently highlighted the importance of patient autonomy when making decisions about undergoing elective surgery before dismissing a patient s appeal against an Avant surgeon member.
ArticlesMedical records
Who has access to medical records of a deceased relative? Relatives may be eager to understand more about the circumstances when a family member dies and request access to the medical records. This needs to be considered carefully as there are different rule...
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Providing medical records to a third party Requests for medical records may come from the patient themselves from another person or organisation or via a court order such as a subpoena summons or other court notice. We summarise your responsib...
ArticlesMedical records
Providing medical information to a third party When you arrive at the practice you see Vicky the receptionist sorting a patient s file. On enquiry Vicky explains that Jane a 32-year-old patient who is relocating to another town called earlier to u...
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Doctors can now share patients’ pathology reports on My Health Record From April 2017 pathology reports can be uploaded to the My Health Record allowing doctors to access pathology results instantaneously and share results with patients.The move follows a successful col...
ArticlesMedical records
Here's what to do when you spot an error on a death certificate Doctors can sometimes find themselves in a difficult predicament when they discover an error on a medical death certificate.
ArticlesMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
What to do when your prescription pad is stolen Perhaps the following is as familiar to you as it is for medico legal organisations: I ve just discovered that my car has been broken into and I think my prescription pad has been stolen.
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Psychiatrist’s $64,000 discharge error A court has found a psychiatrist breached their duty of care to a patient for the injuries she sustained in a car accident while driving home following discharge from the hospital. The patient alleged...
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