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Identifying drug seekers and doctor shopping behaviours Drug-seeking behaviour is often sophisticated manipulative and demanding. Are you aware of the behaviours that should raise your suspicion?
Psychiatrists falling foul over prescribing of S8 drugs A psychiatrist received a letter of complaint from a patient s relative alleging they had inappropriately prescribed the Schedule 8 medications Xanax and Oxycontin after treating a drug dependent pati...
Warning for doctors prescribing compounded peptides One of your patients asks about compounded peptides that he has seen advertised on the internet as a miracle treatment for obesity injury rehabilitation and ageing. The patient tells you a few of his ...
Doctor’s lapse of judgment leads to disciplinary action A recent West Australian case involving a doctor who fraudulently prescribed a Schedule 8 (S8) medication to a patient who was a notified drug addict serves as an important reminder to all doctors to ...
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Psychiatrist’s $64,000 discharge error A court has found a psychiatrist breached their duty of care to a patient for the injuries she sustained in a car accident while driving home following discharge from the hospital. The patient alleged...
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Physician banned for a decade for unnecessary prescribing A physician has been found guilty of professional misconduct after prescribing anabolic steroids and drugs when there was no therapeutic basis and for failing to keep adequate records.
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Critical of care: defending your reputation Most doctors will have a patient die while under their care at some point in their career. The stress of such an event can become even more protracted in situations where the patient s death leads to ...
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Prescription drug-related deaths: coroner calls for mandatory education A recent inquest into the deaths of four patients from overdoses to prescription painkillers has elicited further calls for a real-time prescription monitoring system and mandatory education for GPs o...
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Coroner finds patient death caused by failure in critical thinking A coroner has underscored the importance of critical thinking and good handover practices following an inquest into the patients death from an e-prescribing error following surgery.
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Reforms to Medicare compliance – firmer but fairer? Law reforms introduced from 1 July 2018 have given Medicare stronger debt recovery powers. The legislation also provides for fairer approaches to compliance by apportioning responsibility for overpaym...
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