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Blurred professional boundaries results in doctor email privacy breach One sentence in one email; that s all it took for a doctor to breach two provisions of the privacy legislation. The doctor was ordered to pay a patient 10 000 in compensation for disclosing the patien...
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Majority of Avant GPs polled don’t understand My Health Record privacy requirements The results of our member poll reveal that the majority of GPs polled do not understand the privacy requirements for My Health Record potentially leading to the risk of privacy and security breaches.
FactsheetsMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Providing medical records to a third party Requests for medical records may come from the patient themselves from another person or organisation or via a court order such as a subpoena summons or other court notice. We summarise your responsib...
ArticlesMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Doctors can now share patients’ pathology reports on My Health Record From April 2017 pathology reports can be uploaded to the My Health Record allowing doctors to access pathology results instantaneously and share results with patients.The move follows a successful col...
ArticlesPrivacy & confidentiality
Feuding parents’ rights to access children’s medical records You have been treating a married couple and their three children for several years when suddenly the marriage becomes acrimonious and the couple file for divorce. Next thing you know the father is dem...
ArticlesPrivacy & confidentiality
How to install practice cameras (while staying on the right side of the law) In response to an outbreak of crime near your practice you decide to install closed-circuit TV cameras (CCTV) inside and outside the premises to provide added security. As well as installing cameras o...
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Mandatory reporting and impairment In a move that has been generally welcomed by the profession at its August meeting the COAG health council supported a consistent national approach to mandatory reporting provisions. The health minist...
ArticlesPrivacy & confidentiality
New privacy laws coming into force – are you ready? You are the treating doctor for a female patient and her two children. The patient is separated from her partner and she has taken an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) out against him due to allegation...
FactsheetsPrivacy & confidentiality
Privacy basics and data breaches There are privacy obligations for medical practitioners in Australia in relation to patient communication patient records and health information. This is legislated at both a Commonwealth and state le...
ArticlesMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
What to do when your prescription pad is stolen Perhaps the following is as familiar to you as it is for medico legal organisations: I ve just discovered that my car has been broken into and I think my prescription pad has been stolen.
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