• Your Life Insurance

  • Insurance needs of doctors at different life and career stages

    With so many types of life insurance products and providers in Australia to choose from, we understand that it can be daunting choosing the right cover and the amount you need. There is also the misconception that life insurance is only applicable to those with families or medical practices.

    So to help you start thinking about your insurance needs, we have created a convenient guide which highlights some of the risks you need to consider at different stages in your professional medical career and personal life, and the insurance options most applicable to you. Simply click on the link that most resembles your current career stage.

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    Interns and RMOs

    It’s important that you are covered for your income while you’re young and healthy, with an insurance cover that easily grows with your life and career changes.

    I am single

    I have a family

    Training Doctor

    Ensure you are protected today so you can plan for the future you’ve always imagined.

    I am single

    I have a family

    Practising Doctor

    Once you have an established medical career, life insurance may no longer seem optional. The question now is what type of cover is right for you?

    I am single

    I have a family

    Practice owners and partners

    You depend on the income from your medical practice to support you and your family. So you need to consider both your personal and business requirements.

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