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Restraint of trade clause A restraint of trade clause seeks to restrict your right to work elsewhere and your ability to engage with patients and staff of the practice during your engagement and after it ends.
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Indemnity clauses An indemnity clause allocates legal responsibility/liability between the parties to the contract. In the case of a medical services contract these parties are typically the medical practice or hospita...
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Understanding your employment agreement This factsheet provides some useful information about the clauses that are typically included in private sector employment agreements with practitioners and support staff.
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Neurologist sanctioned over boundary breaches and inappropriate use of clinical images It can be convenient and helpful to use clinical images or video to document a patient s condition over a period of time. However this case reminds doctors when taking clinical images it is essential ...
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Practice found negligent for failing to implement an adequate follow-up system The duty of care for doctors and practices extends to following up the patient. The duty of care for doctors and practices extends to following up the patient. Practices are responsible for implementi...
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Physician’s failure to communicate with colleague is unsatisfactory Ensuring that treatment and clinical results are documented in clinical records is not a substitute for effective communication between members of a patient s care team. This is illustrated by a case ...
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Doctor reprimanded over failure to seek help or participate in patient care Doctors are expected to recognise and work within the limits of their competence and scope of practice and to consult and take advice from colleagues when appropriate. Failing to do so can lead to sig...
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Hanging up your stethoscope: thinking about, preparing and planning for retirement Planning for your retirement involves consideration of many aspects of your practice and is as important as planning for your career. Understanding what is required from a professional and medico-lega...
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On-call doctor in regional hospital found to have responded well to a hostile patient encounter Patient expectations of care may be unreasonable and patients may become angry or aggressive if their expectations are unmet. Situations like this are always difficult but remaining calm and professio...
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Communicating a decision not to perform a procedure Doctors are not obliged to provide care that is not clinically indicated. However as this case illustrates it is important to take care if you are declining to treat as patients can be unhappy and com...
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