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Planning for Retirement: all you need to know For doctors retiring involves considering many elements of a business built up over many years in practice. These are some of the factors to contemplate when planning for a smooth transition to retire...
Managing patient incidentsFactsheets
Anaesthetic dental damage A common call received from anaesthetists by our medico-legal advisers is when a patient complains of dental damage often the loss of or damage to a tooth during surgery. A recent analysis of our anae...
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Capacity: the essentials Capacity refers to a person s ability to make a decision for themselves including about their healthcare. A patient must have capacity before they can provide a valid consent. This factsheet outlines ...
Claims insightsPrescribing
Opioid prescribing-related claims What are the main issues driving member opioid prescribing-related claims? Find out the underlying themes across all specialties and insights to reduce your risk of these types of claims in our analys...
FactsheetsMedical records
Medical records - the essentials The requirements for medical records include clinical guidelines and legal responsibilities. They are also a key communication tool important evidence of the care you have given for colleagues to Medi...
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Medical certificates and your responsibilities Completing a medical certificate for a patient may be a common process however it comes with particular responsibilities. This is not only the clinical responsibilities but ethical and legal requireme...
ConsentFactsheetsPatient communication
Managing patient expectations It is important to identify what a patient expects from an appointment or procedure. These expectations may be realistic and achievable or unrealistic and need addressing. This factsheet explores how ...
FactsheetsMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Children's care and separated parents When caring for a child whose parents are separated the best interests of the child are always paramount which can be difficult when the parents don t agree what that involves. In this factsheet we of...
FactsheetsPatient communication
Breaking bad news to patients Advising a patient of a serious diagnosis or poor prognosis is an unavoidable part of a medical practitioner s job. Doing this part of your job well is an important aspect of patient care.
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