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Disciplinary stance on professional shortcomings and medical records Shortcomings in record keeping are often highlighted in professional conduct matters and can contribute to a finding of unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct.
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Thinking of using a scribe? What you need to know Scribes can have many benefits including easing doctors administrative burden and increasing efficiency doctor and patient satisfaction and income.
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Legal confusion: Whose medical record is it anyway? The frustration in your practice manager's voice is obvious. "Here's another solicitor's letter saying send all Ms Lee's records. They're not her records, they belong to th...
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Receptionist’s patient privacy breach a ‘red flag’ In 2018 18% of all calls to our Medico-legal Advisory Service (MLAS) were about confidentiality and clinical records. Privacy breaches are a risk in any practice but knowing how to prevent breaches an...
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Podcast: Storage and retention of medical records What are your legislative requirements when storing medical records and how and when should you dispose of them? Find out this and more in chapter one of our medical records podcast series.
Medical recordsPodcasts
Podcast: Deceased patients' medical records What are your confidentiality and privacy obligations when a patient is deceased? Who if anyone can you share the medical records with? Find out this and more in chapter two of our medical records pod...
Medical recordsPodcasts
Podcast: Making changes to a medical record Are there any changes you can make to a medical record? And what if you know there is an error how can you legally correct it? Find out this and more in chapter three of our medical records podcast se...
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Podcast: Providing medical records to a third party If you receive a request for a patients medical records what information do you need to ascertain before handing the information over? When if ever are you legally obliged to even with a patients cons...
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Mistake compounded by cover-up attempt A recently reported case in which a health professional was reprimanded serves as a timely reminder for members of the importance of being open and honest when an adverse event occurs.
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We’re going ahead: treatment conundrums It is a natural tendency for doctors to want to provide the best treatment for their patients. Going ahead with what you think is best may require some further consideration to avoid a subsequent comp...
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