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We’re going ahead: treatment conundrums It is a natural tendency for doctors to want to provide the best treatment for their patients. Going ahead with what you think is best may require some further consideration to avoid a subsequent comp...
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MHR and pathology reports In this 5 minute video Georgie Haysom Head of Advocacy Research and Education at Avant discusses your responsibilities and obligations when uploading reports to a patient s My Health Record. Generally...
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Medical records of deceased patients After a patient dies your duty of confidentially continues and you have ongoing obligations to manage their medical records including your duty not to reveal confidential information about a patient w...
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Storing, retaining and disposing of medical records You must take all reasonable steps to protect the security of your medical records. The requirements for securely storing records have different practical applications for electronic and hardcopy reco...
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Medicare compliance The Department of Health continues to focus on Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) compliance. This means that it is increasingly likely that your MBS practices will come under scrutiny at some stage. Whil...
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Podcasts: Separated parents In this series of podcasts we discuss common questions we receive at Avant on the issues that arise when treating children whose parents are separated.
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Podcast: It happened to me: Medicare compliance letter In this 15 minute podcast Georgie Haysom Head of Research Education and Advocacy at Avant interviews a member who received a Medicare compliance letter. They discuss what the member learnt and the imp...
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Your patient tested positive for gonorrhoea. What's next? While looking over test results from the lab you see there s a positive diagnosis for gonorrhoea. It s been a while since one of your patients has had a positive gonorrhoea result. What are your oblig...
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Here's the right way to correct medical records Patients generally have a right to request that you correct personal information. This along with the requirement to keep records accurate and up-to-date means you must correct errors in the record.
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GP’s registration on the line after conforming to patient demands A GP has been reprimanded for prescribing testosterone without therapeutic indication to two patients who wanted the medication for bodybuilding purposes.
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