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Managing patient incidentsMedical recordsPractising professionallyPodcasts
Podcast: It happened to me: the disciplinary process In this series of podcasts we talk with members about their experiences and discuss with them what they learnt. In this 30 minute interview a member involved in a disciplinary process describes its im...
FactsheetsMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Children's care and separated parents When caring for a child whose parents are separated the best interests of the child are always paramount which can be difficult when the parents don t agree what that involves. In this factsheet we of...
FactsheetsMedical records
Medical records - the essentials The requirements for medical records include clinical guidelines and legal responsibilities. They are also a key communication tool important evidence of the care you have given for colleagues to Medi...
Claims insightsMedical records
Medical record-keeping in claims What are the main issues raised in member claims in relation to record-keeping? Find out the underlying themes across all specialties and insights to reduce your risk of these types of claims in our a...
Medical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Insurer requests sensitive medical record? Do I send the file? Patient privacy and confidentiality can be a complex area for doctors to navigate. Requests for records or sensitive information especially from third parties are not always straightforward. The follo...
Medical recordsVideos
Managing requests for medical records You may receive requests from a third party for a patient s medical records. This video will advise you about your clinical and legal responsibilities.
FactsheetsMedical records
Completing a death certificate The medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) or death certificate is an important legal document.This factsheet and attached flow charts will outline the specific responsibilities for your state.
Case studiesMedical records
Tragic case emphasises good clinical record keeping Case Study: Tragic case emphasises good clinical record keeping A case involving a woman who launched a multi-million dollar law suit against a GP for failing to diagnose a rare form of meningitis whi...
ArticlesMedical records
Good records absolve radiologist in complaint A case where a radiologist was part of the care team involved in a missed diagnosis complaint underlines the importance of having detailed medical records and communicating significant findings direct...
ArticlesMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Practice absolved of privacy complaint A practice received a complaint claiming interference with a patient s privacy after they refused to delete medical records upon a patient s request. Subsequently the practice was subjected to an inve...
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