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Courts & reportsPrescribing
GPs high volume opioid prescribing under review Motivated by the rise in opioid misuse and dependence in Australia the CMO has asked GPs to reflect on their prescribing behaviour to see if there are opportunities to reduce prescribing drugs of depe...
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GP suspended for prescribing and conduct issues A case involving a GP member disciplined for a range of issues including inappropriately prescribing steroids and human growth hormones highlights regulatory bodies approach to this type of practise.
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International Conference on Medical Regulation in Dubai: trends and approaches The 13th International Conference on Medical Regulation hosted by the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) was held in Dubai in October. The Conference provides an oppor...
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Inquest: electronic prescribing system glitch impacts patient care An inquest into a man s death while in custody after suffering a burn injury raises key lessons for doctors.
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GP’s registration on the line after conforming to patient demands A GP has been reprimanded for prescribing testosterone without therapeutic indication to two patients who wanted the medication for bodybuilding purposes.
Claims insightsPrescribing
Opioid prescribing-related claims What are the main issues driving member opioid prescribing-related claims? Find out the underlying themes across all specialties and insights to reduce your risk of these types of claims in our analys...
New opioid regulatory reforms commence January 2020 New opioid regulatory measures are coming into effect in the New Year to support safe and clinically appropriate opioid prescribing practices without restricting doctors from accessing them for patien...
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SafeScript checks now mandatory In Victoria from 1 April it will be mandatory for all doctors pharmacists and nurse practitioners to check a patient s prescription history in SafeScript before they prescribe or dispense a monitored ...
ArticlesDoctors' health & wellbeingPractising professionallyPrescribing
Opioid-related deaths prompts urgent need for national prescription monitoring In Australia opioids accounted for just over three deaths per day and nearly 150 hospitalisations and 14 emergency department presentations involve opioid harm.
ArticlesPractising professionallyPrescribing
“But it’s just a script”: prescribing requests from family and friends Everyone loves to have a doctor in the family. However as a doctor it is inevitable that a friend or family member will ask you for a prescription.
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