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Doctor’s misguided ‘compliment’ triggers patient complaint It could be a humorous or off-the-cuff remark but sometimes all it takes is one misplaced comment to trigger a patient complaint.
Case studiesPractising professionallyWorkplace & employment
When pressure to market the practice crosses the line Pressure to market the practice is an issue of concern for members. Knowing the boundaries and reasonable work pressures can help you identify when things have crossed the line and what to do to stop ...
Case studiesCourts & reportsMedical recordsPractising professionallyPrescribing
GP suspended for prescribing and conduct issues A case involving a GP member disciplined for a range of issues including inappropriately prescribing steroids and human growth hormones highlights regulatory bodies approach to this type of practise.
Case studiesCourts & reportsMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Tribunal finds surgeon shared patient’s health information in best interests A surgeon who defended a civil suit for sharing health information about a patient with two doctors without express consent has been found not to have breached privacy laws.
ConsentCourts & reportsCase studiesManaging patient incidentsPatient communication
Examination anxiety: avoiding harassment claims A routine examination is misconstrued by the patient and results in an allegation of sexual misconduct.
ConsentCase studiesCourts & reportsPatient care
Patient awarded over $215k for doctors' failure to advise treatment options The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal against a decision that a hospital breached its duty of care owed to a patient causing injury which affected his ability to work as a coach driver.
Case studiesCourts & reportsPatient communicationPractising professionally
Boundary breach: compromising compassion A recent complaint to AHPRA is a cautionary tale where a member's compassion to a patient was confused by the patient as a boundary transgression.
Case studiesPatient communicationWorkplace & employment
Doctor loses victimisation appeal against local health district A case involving a psychiatrist who raised concerns about a hospitals workplace health and safety emphasises the importance for doctors to tread carefully and tips on how to proceed.
Case studiesCourts & reportsDigital healthPrivacy & confidentiality
Ensuring patient safety: Are your practice’s processes letting you down? Unless you are in a solo practice there will be a number of staff involved in running the business and delivering healthcare. Sound systems and processes are the main stays of ensuring safety and effi...
ConsentCourts & reportsCase studiesManaging patient incidentsPatient care
Patient awarded $43k for unnecessary procedure A recently reported court case involving a general practitioner reinforces the importance for doctors to recognise the limit of their expertise and informed consent.
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