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Mistake compounded by cover-up attempt A recently reported case in which a health professional was reprimanded serves as a timely reminder for members of the importance of being open and honest when an adverse event occurs.
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Inquest: electronic prescribing system glitch impacts patient care An inquest into a man s death while in custody after suffering a burn injury raises key lessons for doctors.
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Family complaints – relatives take legal action Supporting a loved one as they are treated for a serious health issue can be stressful and emotionally demanding for family members. Unfortunately their heightened emotional state can occasionally res...
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Hospital headaches: workplace demands Working in a hospital setting requires medical practitioners to interact with a large number of co-workers including managers and trainees. We have seen an increasing number of employment related matt...
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We’re going ahead: treatment conundrums It is a natural tendency for doctors to want to provide the best treatment for their patients. Going ahead with what you think is best may require some further consideration to avoid a subsequent comp...
Case studiesCourts & reportsPatient communication
Failure to arrange a timely psychiatric assessment A hospital has been ordered to pay over 130 000 to a patient who was prone to self-harm after being found negligent for failing to prevent their injuries.
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Insight and reflection needed for a positive outcome A complaint made to a health regulator against you can be confronting and overwhelming. However if dealt with appropriately the best outcome can be achieved as one member experienced.
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False representations lead to patient death In a reported case a cardiologist has been found guilty of professional misconduct after the death of a patient. The doctor (not an Avant member) was accused of making false representations to the hos...
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The importance of keeping it professional: avoiding boundary violations A UK case involving a junior doctor illustrates the potential for professional and patient harm when a professional boundary is crossed.
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Can a doctor refuse to be vaccinated? Matilda is an employed GP working in private practice. She has a history of severe allergies and an anaphylactic reaction to polyethylene glycol (PEG) which is from a group of known allergens commonly...
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