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Medical Training Survey – some improvement, but still a way to go Over 21 000 medical trainees nation-wide completed the Medical Training Survey (MTS) between August and October 2020 with some thought-provoking results.
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Five tips to stay on the right side of Medicare Five tips to stay on the right side of Medicare. A Professional Services Review (PSR) of a non-GP specialist was triggered by their billing of various item numbers in excess of 99% of their peers. Aft...
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Tips to avoid Medicare compliance issues A general practitioner was recently referred to the Professional Services Review (PSR) when Medicare records indicated an unusually high volume of services. In particular the GP s volume of services o...
ArticlesCase studiesMedicare
Medicare compliance: making sure your practice stands up to scrutiny Under current Medicare legislation individual providers are responsible for claims made under their provider number. The legislation also makes officers of corporate practices responsible if they know...
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GP required to attend for psychiatric treatment before returning to practice after repeated boundary complaints It is never acceptable to have a close personal and/or sexual relationship with a current patient. The power imbalance implicit in a doctor-patient relationship means it never appropriate to ask curre...
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O&G reprimanded over diagnostic error Diagnostic error can occur for many reasons. Doctors must remain vigilant to ensure thorough assessment and to avoid assumptions or omissions. Doctors should document their decision making including n...
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Aged care physician reprimanded for poor clinical decision-making, record-keeping, and communication in end-of-life care Complaints against a specialist geriatrician relating to her treatment of 12 patients in end-of-life care highlight the importance of clear communication and collaborative decision-making with patient...
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Coroner finds poor handover systems between hospitals contributed to patient death Coronial decision illustrates the importance of taking a detailed history and considering possible differential diagnoses making detailed notes to facilitate handover of care and consultants providing...
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Coroner recommends better communication between surgical professionals in complex surgery cases The death of a patient after dental surgery prompted the coroner to call for changes to improve consideration of and communication about anaesthetic risks in surgery.
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UK court grants order enabling caesarean, finding temporary impairment When an otherwise competent patient panics and makes an apparently irrational decision questions of capacity and consent can be challenging. In this case the UK Court of Appeal provided some guidance ...
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