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US anaesthetist sued after patient records her insulting comments Treating patients with respect at all times is central to good patient care. As this US case illustrates allowing personal feelings to colour your approach to patients and showing disrespect to vulner...
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VMO’s Medicare billing, record-keeping, prescribing and patient care constitute professional misconduct In this case multiple concerns were raised about the practices of a VMO working in a regional area. The escalating sequence of events illustrates the risks to clinical practice professionalism and pat...
ConsentCase studiesPatient communication
Multiple communication, professional conduct and record-keeping failures in baby’s death A coroner s inquest into the death of a baby due to birth asphyxia highlights the harms arising from poor communication and record-keeping as well as failure to adhere to professional guidelines.
ConsentCase studiesMedical recordsMedicarePatient communication
Operating outside his scope of practice, inadequate consent processes and failure to follow guidelines leads to GP’s suspension A GP working long hours as a solo practitioner accepted that he had harmed patients by exceeding his scope of practice failing to provide patients with sufficient information to make decisions about t...
ConsentCase studiesPatient carePatient communicationPractising professionally
O&G’s management of emergency delivery amounted to professional misconduct Doctors need to ensure they have obtained appropriate handover. Even in an emergency a minimum handover is required and doctors are expected to be able to follow emergency handover protocols. This is ...
Case studiesPatient carePatient communication
Physician sanctioned after ignoring patient’s request for second opinion Good medical practice involves recognising the patient s right to make their own healthcare decisions; supporting the patient s right to seek a second opinion; and facilitating continuity and handover...
ConsentCase studiesPatient communication
Emergency physician’s poor consent, communication and documentation lead to immediate suspension A patient failing to object to and permitting an examination does not mean the requirements of informed consent have been met particularly in the context of intimate examinations.
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On-call specialist censured and fined for rudeness to colleagues and delays in responding to call-outs This case involving rudeness and inappropriate responses to colleagues illustrates how rude behaviour can become a professional conduct issue where it forms part of a pattern of behaviour and may put ...
Case studiesPatient communication
Communicating a decision not to perform a procedure Doctors are not obliged to provide care that is not clinically indicated. However as this case illustrates it is important to take care if you are declining to treat as patients can be unhappy and com...
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Supreme court decision vindicates doctor over referral delay A state s Supreme Court of Appeal decision reassures doctors on their legal duty to chase up referrals for patients in the public healthcare system after it overturned a 190 000 negligence ruling agai...
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