• Why Avant Life Insurance

  • Life insurance products are typically designed for a broad range of occupations, including everyone from professionals, trades people, unskilled workers to homemakers. We believe that in trying to meet the needs of many, they have become overly complicated, and can often have many forms of cross subsidy built in and policy holders often pay for benefits and features they don’t need, nor understand. Many policy holders also miss out on critical coverage when reaching important life milestones such as having a family, career progression and preparing for retirement.

    Avant’s Life Insurance portfolio is designed by doctors for doctors.

    As Australia’s leading medical defence organisation and a mutual not-for-profit organisation, we have a proud heritage of protecting and supporting doctors that spans over a century. This means that absolutely everything we do is driven by the aim to support Australian doctors through our understanding of their specific needs.

    So when our members told us they didn’t feel adequately protected by their current life insurance plan as it wasn’t tailored to their circumstances as a doctor, we listened. We also listened when they told us they trust Avant to provide advice on the best way to protect their future.

    This is why we have chosen to develop a range of life insurance products tailored specifically to the needs of today’s medical professional. The Avant Life Insurance offering is different; providing affordable, superior, straightforward coverage, tailored to doctors’ needs from start to end of their career. We have introduced many new benefits and features to the industry that provide additional value because our offering is not available to other occupations. It addresses many of the foreseeable needs of doctors with the flexibility required to adjust coverage when both personal and professional milestones occur.